Sunday, May 10, 2015

Breaking News

* Refrigerated meat is harmful

According to a new study, refrigerated and frozen meat is harmful for health. Cattle, mutton or chicken, no matter what , it should not be refrigerated for more than 10 days .

Recently, Pakistan Institute of Science, researchers reported this information.

They said, if kept in the refrigerator for more than 10 days ,  the protein inside of meat were destroyed and several types of Gastrointestinal problems may occur.

Frozen meat consumption of the liver that can lead to diseases including hepatitis.

* Coffee with sugar leads to attention and memory

Scientists found caffeine and sugar intake leads to brain function .They think the caffeine and sugar enhances attention and memory .
Forty volunteers took part in the research process . The researchers give this information after giving them cofee with sugar , cofee without sugar , water with sugar by scanning their brain .
Serra hosepa grabulosa research coordinator, said the two          components together in a way that works in the brain, which leads to a man's attention, stability and retention. And everyone knows that caffeine enhances the stimulation. The material can also         constantly struggle with the flagging spirits or fatigue.


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