Monday, June 29, 2015

How to Raise A Happy Baby!!!

Happiness is the key word of success in life in all respects. So this is a continuous process which rolls from the very beginning of a soul ...from childhood. We can figure out some basic steps to raise a happy baby. Such as:  

Mom...see it!!!!

1. Learn to Read Your Baby's Emotions

A sensitive mother can pick up on different kinds of cries and facial expressions. the eyebrows, the mouth and vocalizations are all signaling systems for the baby.

2. Have Fun with your Baby

What makes your baby happiest is much simpler; it's you...having fun play with you.

3. Help Your Baby Master New Skills

Happy people are often those who have mastered a skill. Make sure that your child is practicing something they truly enjoy or they won't be as happy about their successes.

4. Cultivate Your Baby's Healthy Habits

Lots of sleep, exercise and healthy diet are essential for everyone's well-being, especially baby's.

5. Let Your Baby Figure it out / Allow for Success and Failure:

It can be difficult to watch one kids struggle, they'll never know the thrill of mastery unless we allow them to risk failure.

6. Allow Your Baby to be Sad or Bad:

It's Important that you allow him to explain his unhappiness. It's a part of life. Encourage your child to label his feelings and express them verbally.

7. Teach Your Baby to Share and Care

Sharing makes life easier and caring fulfill our surrounding with happiness. 

8. Be a Role Model to Your Baby:

Your baby models your behavior and he can tell when you are unhappy. Make an effort to be genuinely positive around your child.

9. Praise the Right Stuff

Praise specific stuffs such as..intelligence, prettiness, athleticism- can also undermine children's confidence later.

10. Give Real Responsibilities

The more you can convey to your child that he is making a unique contribution to the family, from an early age, the greater his sense of self-worth and his ultimate happiness.


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