Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Ways to Boost up Your Brain!!!

Our Brain is a wonder organ which can rewire itself and form new cells. Let us practice some habits to give our brain a Boost up to a higher level…..

A Boosted Brain!!!!

Take Your Brain for a Morning Walk:

Light is no less influential than drug.Brain activity and attentiveness boosts up with the exposure to blue light. Blue light also speeds up reaction time and impacts circadian rhyme. Solar light are abundant with blue light. 15 min walk outside within 30 min of waking up will turn your brain on, increases alertness and get you ready to start your day.
Increase Your Vocabulary:

Learning new words boosts up the language segment of your brain.

Learn a New Language:
It is like a hack for your brain, opening up all sorts of pathways. It improves language information; even you have been boosted better at speaking your own language.
Read a few chapters a day:
It will slow the advancement of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.
Help to calm down and swing your focus away from everyday’s issues.

Read about something you don’t know anything about 15 minutes a day:

Our brains are amazingly complicated machines and they need to be enthused for working perfectly. So throwing new stuff at it is highly beneficial as it boosts up new connections and keeps our brain tip-top shape.

Write 10 ideas everyday: 

The ability to come up with new ideas is like a muscle, they shrink and become useless. Keep practicing and in no time you will become an idea machine and will experience the amazing benefits of boosting up your brain which come with it.


Journaling helps us illuminate our thoughts, gives us an improved focus on our everyday’s life and is a very influential way to know ourselves better.
Journaling boosts up our right brain which is linked to creativity and perception.  Assist you solve problems which you thought were unsolvable before because of the switching from the logical to artistic part.

Suppress Negative thoughts: 

If something bad happens to you, try to find out the positive side of it. Once you will become mostly negativity-free, your brain will boost up and thank you for it.


Intermittent fasting- fasting for 16 hrs a day and eating only in the 8 hrs window left- might do wonders boosting for your brain.
Promote growth of new neurons which leads to brain boosting up and Improve memory.
Ease recovery after brain injury.
Reduce the risk of neurodegenerative disease.
Regulate your mood and reduce anxiety

No sugar:

Sugar will barricade your capacity to learn and shrink your memory. It might be hard leaving sugar at first but in the long run your brain will thank you and your waistline will, too.

Talk to Strangers:

When we meet a stranger we tend to be our happier selves and leave our worries aside. When it’s our turn to talk, our brains have to work hard to provide ourselves with some interesting topics.


Trim down stress, amplified happiness, improved focus and better creativity through the brain boost up system.


The production and performance of nerve-protecting compound in the brain enhanced so it gets a boosting up.
It produces better blood flow to your brain.
It improves the well development and longer survival of neurons.

Post-problem solve:

Think the different possibilities of how something in your day could have gone and look at the consequences. This improves creativity and makes you a better problem solver by boosting up your brain.

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