Friday, December 4, 2015

Flower Sandwiches!!!!!

Flower as the most gorgeous gift of nature can attract all to its magnificent beauty. Make these fabulous flower sandwiches using petal shaped cookie cutter and choose some of your desired healthy fillings for center of the flowers. And wait for the wondered reaction of your kid....

Flower Sandwich!!!

Preparation Time: 10 min
Serving: 6

1. Sliced white bread
2. Cream cheese
3. Butter
4. A varieties of healthy fillings: such as, shredded chicken, sliced cheese, sliced cucumber, tomatoes, ketchup, poached egg, lettuce etc.

  • Cut out flower shapes from the bread and stick them together with a little butter and cream cheese
  • Cut out circles from the centre of each flower using a small round cutter and insert a variety of fillings as you like
  • Arrange on a board or serving plate and decorate as you wish to make it lucrative.


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