Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Smart Use of Baby Powder!!!!

The refreshing, cooling, charming smell of baby powder is so adorable but the smell is still not the best part. It can be used in many smarter ways. Now we are presenting some brilliant ways to incorporate baby powder in everyday's activities:

1. Make a Dry Shampoo:
Just sprinkle it onto your comb and then run the comb through your hair to the roots. It removes oil and grease and makes hair look freshly washed.

2. Freshen Shoes:
Sprinkle a light dusting of baby powder inside all of your shoes that have odor and allow them to sit overnight. It will continue to absorb moisture and kill those stubborn odors, leaving the shoes smelling fresher.

3. Remove Sand: 
The powder will make it much easier to brush off the sand from the one who enjoy a beach day so much and covered with sand.

4. Remove Grease Stains:
If you get grease on the cloth dab baby powder by puff or cotton ball on the stain. Rub the powder really well on the stain & then shake or brush over the excess powder. Repeat it until all of the grease has been removed.

5. Prevent Chafing: 
It occurs when you often run, specially in hot weather. A little baby powder will clear chafing & help to prevent it on your future run. It will help to eliminate friction when you run so your skin stays smooth & pain free.

6. Minimize Waxing Pain:
Applying just a bit of baby powder before you apply wax, it will help to make the entire process less painful. The powder absorbs moisture which allows the wax adhere to every single hair. It also protects the skin & leaves it much smoother, less red & painful too.

7. Soothe Dry Skin: 
Any rough patches on your feet, elbows or anywhere else, rub a bit of baby powder on there to feel smoother & less irritated. Its a great solution for cracked heels & other skin irritation.

8. Fresh up Your Closets: 
To fresh up your musty closet & dresser, put some baby powder in a jar & place it there. The moisture removing properties of baby powder freshen closets & keeping them away from smelling musty.

9. Quiet the Floor: 
Noisy floor is a disturbance & baby powder can quiet it. Sprinkle a bit of baby powder between floor boards and sweep it into the cracks. It will give instant effect by stopping those boards from squeaking & creaking thus gives you a peaceful environment.

10. Cool Your Skin: 
Baby powder has a natural cooling property which will eliminate any irritation that shaving may have caused & it leaves your skin silky smooth. It is also perfect for sensitive skin.

11. Ant Repellent:
Baby Powder is an excellent repellent for ants and many other bugs. So just sprinkle it on specific area & be safe as they can't cross the powder line.

12. Cool Yours Sheet: 
If you let a bit of baby powder between your sheets a few min before you sleep, you will enjoy a much cooler night sleep.

13. Freshen Moldy Books: 
You can remove mold & make those old books nearly new again with a bit of baby powder. Let the books air dry & then sprinkle powder between each of the pages, stand them upright and leave for whole night. Then just brush out the powder & they will smell nicely, become newer without all that mold & mildew.

14. Protects Flower Bulbs: 
Place 5-6 bulbs into a ziploc bag & give it a shake or 2/3. Baby powder will coat the roots of the bulb, protecting it from rot & it wards off voles, grubs, moles & other rodents that may be eating yours bulbs before they have a chance to grow.
15. Use as a Make-up settler: 

Before you apply mascara, dust just a tiny bit of baby powder on your lashes. The result is plumper lashes that look longer and fuller. Use baby powder to set your makeup. By removing facial oils, baby powder helps to keep your makeup intact all day or all night.  Baby powder can also be mixed with makeup that is a bit too dark. If your contour powder is a shade or two too dark for instance, just mix in a bit of baby powder to lighten it up.

Mom! I m using it smarter way, right?


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