Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Ways to Boost up Your Brain!!!

Our Brain is a wonder organ which can rewire itself and form new cells. Let us practice some habits to give our brain a Boost up to a higher level…..

A Boosted Brain!!!!

Take Your Brain for a Morning Walk:

Light is no less influential than drug.Brain activity and attentiveness boosts up with the exposure to blue light. Blue light also speeds up reaction time and impacts circadian rhyme. Solar light are abundant with blue light. 15 min walk outside within 30 min of waking up will turn your brain on, increases alertness and get you ready to start your day.
Increase Your Vocabulary:

Learning new words boosts up the language segment of your brain.

Learn a New Language:
It is like a hack for your brain, opening up all sorts of pathways. It improves language information; even you have been boosted better at speaking your own language.