Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Healthy Drinks for Kids!!!

Babies get most of the fluids they need during the first year from lactation and formula. But after that they need 5 and half to 7 cups fluid per day. Below are some healthy alternatives to try with your kids.

1. Water (Anytime):

Water is far and away the best choice for a kid's drink. Try flavoring it with crushed fruits or decorate it with funny straws or ice cubes.

Benefits of drinking water: 
  • Keep active toddlers and preschoolers hydrated
  • Reduce acid in the mouth that can cause cavities
  • Helps growing toddlers and preschoolers maintain a healthy weight
2. Milk: 

Milk is packed with vitamin D, Calcium, Magnesium, important nutrients that help build healthy bones and teeth. Give whole milk to kids ages 1-2. Fat free milk is better after age 2; it has all the nutrients without the added calories.

3. Juices (Sometimes):

Juice without any added sugar can be served to your kids. Kids ages 1-6 years can have 4-6 ounces/per day. Too much juice adds a lots of calories and not as much fiber as a piece of fruit.

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