Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Primary Symptoms of Children's Eye Problem

 Eyes are Gems of a person's life and it should be taken care of from the childhood. Any sign and symptoms of poor or problematic vision must be noticed. According to the Optometrists Network, the symptoms of possible vision problems in children include:

I Can See It!!!!!
1. Poor School Performance: 
Taking longer than normal to complete homework, 
Difficulty paying attention when reading and writing,
Trouble seeing information on the Chalk board, 
Not want to go to school.
2. Sitting too Close to the TV
3. Blurry or Double Vision

4. Headache or Eye pain
5. Try to Get Closer or to Hold Things Nearer to Their Faces
6. Squinting and Other Sign of Discomfort: 
Rubbing their eyes often, be unusually sensitive to light or tilt their heads when looking at somethings
7. Trouble Coordinating:
Head-eye or body-eye coordinating during physical activities such as catch or biking can be problematic.
8. Showing Unusually Low Attention or Interest: 
Low attention is hallmark not only Attention Deficit Problems (ADHD) but also vision problems. This can easily lower interest in close activities such as reading, coloring or puzzles.


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